Twitter Locks Gorka’s Account


Salem Media’s Sebastian Gorka said Twitter instantly locked his account and demanded he delete a tweet about Hunter Biden and the FBI on Thursday. Gorka, host of the America First radio show, said Twitter was censoring him.

Gorka said, “I posted the question, why did the FBI do nothing about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Because that’s the real question. I couldn’t care less right now about social media. We know who they are. I want to know about the FBI, the guys who have guns and badges and can put us in prison, and they did nothing. I added a photograph from the Daily Mail which showed Hunter Biden smoking a cigarette in the bathtub. The second I posted it, I got a message from Twitter; my account is locked until I removed that tweet.”

Both Twitter and Faceook have been deleting any reference to the story about Hunter Biden which was first reported by The New York Post.


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