Host Biking For Cancer Awareness


Bonneville Denver sports host, former Denver Bronco Tyler Polumbus, will be riding 100 miles on his bike around Empower Field Saturday to raise awareness for Overaian Cancer. Pedal with Polumbus to BEAT Ovarian Cancer is a fundraising campaign for the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Polumbus lost his mother to the disease in April after a six-year battle. He believes the reason the disease is so deadly is that the symptoms are so “normal” – like bloating and cramping – that women don’t even realize something serious is wrong until the cancer reaches a late stage. His mom had some of the subtle symptoms, but it wasn’t until she experienced noticeable weight gain in her mid-section in about a one-week timeframe that she went to the doctor. By the time she was diagnosed, her cancer had progressed to Stage IV.


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