McInnes Joins KPRI


KPRI in Pala, CA announced that Jim McInnes is joining the Rez Radio volunteer family. McInnes will host his Saturday night show, “Vinyl Resting Place.” McInnes first hit the radio airwaves 47 years ago in San Diego on KPRI. He worked at KGB-FM for 28 years.


  1. Thank you Bobby. If you hadn’t gotten into ownership there in Tucson, I’d have had to recruit you as well! Since music has become so universally available, it’s up to us to dig out the rare stuff presented by people with unique insight in order to keep over-the-air broadcasting viable. Wishes for continued success with The Drive in Tucson!

  2. For those who say Personality Radio should be kept alive! Hats on (SD Pads) to John Fox, the long time San Diego radio jock who became GM and one-man-band for the PALA Reservation’s valuable signal in North SD County. John has done amazing things with this station and serving the Pala people was just the start. He also found a way to incorporate memorable calls KPRI. Check out their programming. Now getting McInnes, a true SD radio legend, on board it’s even deeper.


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