One Full Hour of Radio Silence


One full hour of dead air on a radio station would typically get a radio host in some hot water. In San Luis Obispo, CA it was done with permission of the station Wednesday night.

Sports Talker CJ Silas went silent for the entire hour of her weekly program on 1280-AM The Ticket. She said she was joining the boycott of professional athletes protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha.

Silas told the local TV stations she wanted to show solidarity. “I thought what can I do? How can I be in solidarity with all of my black brothers and sisters, in this country and sports all over the world?”

She has permission from the station to go silent for an hour. “I decided that in order for me to feel good about myself, and do something, and use my platform, that I wouldn’t talk. I would also boycott and I would not have a radio show.”

According to the TV stations the hour was broadcast on Facebook and Instagram and Silas read a statement every few minutes. “I said, your radio is not broken. In solidarity with my black brothers and sisters, in sports and the world, there will not be a CJ Silas show tonight.”


  1. Even if I lived in that market, I would never have noticed, since I have left the pro sports — NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR — behind me…for good, most likely.

    I have share no interests with millionaire sports brats/performers who seek to somehow conflate their imagined importance with those who loot, burn and murder…it’s an ugly recipe that will never find its place in my house or my life.

  2. How about an hour of silence for a small city in Wisconsin that’s been destroyed by a pack out out of towners, who used this incident as an excuse to trash things and laugh about it?

    Stunts like this are disgusting and this is why so many people are tuning sports (and sports media) out.


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