NPR Ratings Take A Dive


Broadcast ratings for nearly all of NPR’s radio shows took a steep dive in major markets this spring. That’s according to a report in NPR. They put the blame squarely on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the virus kept many Americans from commuting, and that caused the decline.

The network’s shows lost roughly a quarter of their audience between the second quarter of 2019 and the same months in 2020.

NPR’s senior director of audience insights Lori Kaplan said the network anticipated these changes. “This kind of change was going to take place over the next decade. But the pandemic has shown us what our future is now.” Kaplan also said this threatens the terrain for NPR for years to come.

Kaplan said NPR’s audience is disproportionately made up of professionals who are able to work from home and who are interested in doing so even after the pandemic subsides.

Read more about NPR’s audience decline HERE.


  1. NPR sinking like a stone. Used to listen back in the 80’s, but their bias is so blatant these days, its more like a parody than an actual radio network.


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