Will Nielsen’s Job Cuts Impact Your Ratings?


If they do, Nielsen isn’t saying. When the ratings firm announced its cost-cutting plan Tuesday, that included eliminating 3,500 jobs, we thought you should know how that might impact your service. Here’s what they had to say…

Nielson Chief Communications Officer Laura Nelson said, “We aren’t going to comment beyond what’s in the press release.  We will host an investor call in a month and will likely have more color for you then.” The call Nelson is referring to will take place on August 5th

Nielsen is calling its restructuring a “broad-based optimization plan to accelerate transformation.” In addition to the 3,500 jobs being eliminated, Nielsen says it will exit several smaller, underperforming markets and non-core businesses in the second half of 2020. The company did not say if those smaller markets include radio diary markets (If you’ve been notified by Nielsen that your ratings will be eliminated, please let us know).

Nielsen expects to save $250 million with this restructuring plan


  1. Pathetic. Nielson reps openly favoring specific chains, complete lack of quality control, and a consistent inability to take ownership (and correct) their own failures.

    Programmers have to do their own quality control AFTER ratings are made currency. If they cut from the radio side where there is already extremely low accountability, count on an even shoddier product.

  2. Ever since Arbitron/Nielsen Audio went PPM, I haven’t understood why any broadcaster would pay another penny for its fraudulent ‘ratings’ system.

    When you have a contrived system that forces programmers at music stations, especially, to alter and reconfigure the way they present the content to listeners, you know you’re dealing with a warped system. Nielsen is supposed to be serving its broadcast clients, and not the other way around. The smaller markets that are going to be dropped by Nielsen will be receiving a huge favor, providing those broadcasters with a more realistic environment in which to serve listeners and advertisers.


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