Nielsen: Radio Bouncing Back


Even as some states see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, it appears consumers are doing whatever they can to get their lives back to normal. That means getting back to work, getting in their cars and listening to their favorite radio stations.

Nielsen has been tracking consumers since the coronavirus upended the country and on Wednesday the research firm released its findings in a client webinar.

Taking a look at the PPM markets Nielsen says radio’s reach is recovering quite nicely, now at 95% of what it was in March when the virus really started to change the lives of Americans.

When you examine radio’s Average Quarter Hour’s, Nielsen says that is now up to 87% of March…

And perhaps the most important statistic to keep an eye on, Out of Home listening, which is where the majority of radio’s listeners are located, is also rebounding…

This is the third consecutive month listening is ticking up across all demos and dayparts in PPM markets. Nieslen also says in the diary markets listening has been stable throughout the crisis.


  1. This is tremendous news, we have lost over half our audience here at Cumulus Atlanta in recent months. Luckily with the bankruptcy and pandemic, no one has seemed to notice.

    • Radio Girl-

      Because the majority of readers of this site are “formerly in radio”. They either failed or got fired, but they still hang on instead of trying something else. They hope radio fails.


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