Rush Interviews The Breakfast Club


Two massively successful radio shows, with hosts that probably agree on very little politically, got together for a national discussion about race relations Sunday. The 40-minute discussion was prompted by Rush Limbaugh who says he wanted to talk to the largest African American radio audience in the country.

Rush said, among other things, he wanted to make the point that everyone is angry and heartbroken over the killing of George Floyd, and that while there are bad actors in every group, this incident doesn’t mean every single cop is a killer or racist.

The interview was recorded Sunday afternoon and aired in Rush’s 2:00 hour Monday. Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God touched on how these kinds of incidents continue to happen to black men and nothing changes. They also told Rush they believe that the system in the United States only works for old white men. They also discussed ways they believed racism in America should be addressed.

Things got a little heated when Rush said in America everyone has an opportunity to be successful. The Breakfast Club hosts don’t necessarily believe that to be the case for everyone in the African American community.

They agreed to continue the dialogue.
Both shows are syndicated by Premiere.

Listen to The Breakfast Club introduce the interview on their podcast HERE.
Here’s how Rush spoke about the interview before it aired.


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