Dating Tips For The Older Set


Washington, DC’s NPR station WAMU 88.5 has debuted a podcast that will undoubtedly be welcomed by many. Dating While Gray is a 10-episode podcast series about the process of discovering and navigating love and relationships as an adult over 50.

Creator and host Laura Stassi is a writer who was married for almost 30 years before her divorce. On Dating While Gray, she shares the lessons she learned when reentering the dating world.

“Laura’s stories and explorations touch a nerve,” said Andi McDaniel, Senior Director of Content and News. “Her experience of seeking love after 50 represents that of countless people around the world for whom Dating While Gray will be a source of wisdom, amusement, inspiration, and community. We’re thrilled to have come across her talent during our recent podcast accelerator, and even more excited to bring her stories and interviews to the world.”

For more information, click HERE.


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