Limbaugh: A Genius at Radio


That’s what Victor Davis Hanson writes in his latest column for National Review. Hanson points out that not only is Rush the genius of talk radio, he “singlehandedly reinvented it.”

Hanson believes that before Rush radio talk-show hosts were not shapers of national culture or politics. They had very little power, he writes, to have any impact on the news of the day. “Limbaugh energized talk-radio hosts. Once he became a national force, hundreds of others became far more effective conservative local and regional voices, partly through the art of emulation, partly through scheduling to lead in to or follow Limbaugh’s daily three-hour show, partly in the general renewed public interest in talk radio itself.”

And Hanson has a theory on why it worked so well for so long for Rush. Perhaps the best clue is that Limbaugh was never just a talk-show host at all. Or rather, he redefined the talk-radio three-hour format into something far more expansive than the critical arts of editorializing and answering impromptu listeners’ calls. In his prime role as unyielding conservative explicator of the daily news without the filters of the Washington and New York commentariat, he combined the jobs of entertainer, stand-up comedian, psychologist, impressionist, satirist, provocateur, therapist, and listener to the nation.”

Read Hanson’s full National Review column HERE.


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