The Great Harry Harrison Has Died


Radio best friend Art Vuolo has shared the news of the passing of one of New York radio’s most legendary morning hosts. Harry Harrison died Tuesday after a long battle with multiple health issues.

Harrison was the only radio personality to have worked as a WMCA Good Guy, a WABC All-American, and the longtime morning drive host at WCBS-FM until he retired on March 19, 2003. Through the efforts of many of his friends, family and fans, he was finally inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. That happened at Gotham Hall in Manhattan November 8, 2019. Here he is holding a DVD of his induction which was captured and presented to him by Art Vuolo early last month at his home in New Jersey. He loved seeing it! The last remaining original WMCA Good Guy is 92-year-old Burt Sherwood, living near Sarasota, FL. Harry is survived by his daughter Patti and son Patrick. Two other children, BJ and Michael died in 1996 and 2017. His wife, “Pretty Patty,” died three months after he left CBS-FM in May of 2003. Harry was known as “The Morning Mayor of New York” and was 89 years old. He was known for saying, “Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift…that’s why they call it the Present.”

Check out the video of Harry from Art HERE.


  1. Just saw this didn’t know Harry had passed until now. So sad. I really loved his shows. Such a nice man. Rest In Peace Harry 🙏🏻

  2. I listened to Harry every morning on my way into work back in the 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000’s. It was a sad day when he left the radio I loved his shows

  3. I started listening to Harry back in the summer of 1978 and immediately became a loyal fan and regular listener right through his retirement in 2003 and his “comeback” shows on Saturday’s in 2004-2005 before he went finally off the air for good. It was a pleasure for sure. I was listening to his show on the morning of 9/11 when all hell started breaking loose. He was such a comforting voice that morning and in the days, weeks and months which followed. He was one of the best ever, irreplaceable. They don’t make them like Harry anymore. God bless. RIP Harry

  4. Back in the early seventies, my mom would take us to Fairleigh Dickinson University to have our teeth cleaned or cavities filled. It was during these morning car trips that I discovered Harry Harrison on WABC. He created such a festive on-air atmosphere that I immediately became obsessed with radio and its announcers. In addition to WABC I started listening to WNEW 102.7FM, WPLJ, 66WNBC and 99X. But Harry would always remain as the numero uno top guy in my mind, even though as I got older my friends would trash me for listening to am radio. Somehow it seems after hearing of his passing, some of the brightness has gone out of my day.

    • I’ll never forgot the summer of 1978 when I first started listening to Harry, it was also the summer my Wife and I started dating. I was an immediate big fan and remained one for the next 27 years. He was one of a kind, and the best in my opinion, that’s for sure. When he left the airwaves for good in 2005 it was just never the same again

    • Does anyone have an idea of how Bob Shannon is doing? I know he left cbs fm suddenly and unexpectedly like 8 or 9 years ago for “serious health reasons”. Haven’t heard or seen anything about him since his sudden retirement. I’m assuming the news is probably not good unfortunately

  5. I learned of Harry’s passing this morning from CBS news radio as I was driving to work.

    It is a sad day.

    I used to listen to Harry in the morning driving to work. I used to listen to him on 77 WABC, WMCA and the WCBS-FM.

    Harry, one of our Good Guys, has passed on to be with Patty and two of their children and will probably DJ in heaven with Dan Ingram and Don Imus. Of course, Harry will be the morning mayor!

    Miss you Harry mornings just aren’t the same without you. 🙁

    • We have lost so many of the great ones In the last 10 years. Harry, Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Bill Brown. That was the hayday of cbsfm. RIP

  6. I was a visitor to his live broadcasts at his first radio gig, WPEO, in Peoria, IL. He was the #1 radio personality in Peoria and between 57 and 59 he graced the airwaves of that small 1000 watt station playing top 20 music. He was very friendly and humble, he was a giant in radio. Sad to see him leave in 1959, but WMCA came calling, and what a career jump from Peoria market to New York and he deserved it.

  7. Unless I’m mistaken, WMCA Good Guy Gary Stevens is still with us. Sadly, Mr. Harrison has now joined Joe O’Brian, Jack Spector, Dan Daniel, Ed Baer, and Dean Anthony. A truly memorable on-air line-up.

  8. Sad hearing of such a giant of radio AM 77 WABC and CBS FM 101.1 Ge lost a great one the magnificient crew Garry Harrison Ron Lundy Cousin Brucie such talent filled our teen yrs with entertainment mixed with wisdom slipped in Thank you all for such a experience


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