ABC Launches Podcast To Support “20/20” Episode


A 20/20 episode focusing on a man who killed his business partner and covered it up will be broadcast on ABC television Friday night. A partner podcast called Cutthroat Inc., covering the story and including more details, will be released February 27.

After Christopher Smith abruptly vanished from Southern California, email messages supposedly from him continued to land in the inboxes of his friends and family for months afterward, assuring them he was safe and traveling the world. Although initially believable, the emails gradually became stranger and stranger, alarming those close to him. Eventually, authorities uncovered the truth that Smith’s business partner, Edward Shin, murdered him and then hatched a plan, including the fake emails, to cover it up.

20/20‘s” two-hour broadcast and multi-part podcast tells the story of how authorities connected the dots, which landed Shin in prison for life. ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman sat down for an extensive jailhouse interview with Shin, who opened up about killing Smith, his shady past, and why he’s remained silent about the location of Smith’s body.


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