You’re Fired! Wait, No You’re Not.


Something happened Thursday that you don’t really see a lot. Six people who were fired from a radio station were rehired 48 hours later. Could this be the start of a trend?

It happened at KXNO in Des Moines. iHeart Area Market President for the St. Louis Region, Joel McCrea, told Radio Ink, “We here in Des Moines recognized a mistake was made – and we addressed it. We’re glad to have them back and we’re moving on.”

WHO-TV reports the reason for the reversal was listener backlash. Travis Justice, Heather Burnside, and Sean Roberts from the morning show, Chris Williams and Ross Peterson from the The Sports Fanatics, and PD Andrew Downs will all be back next week.

McCrea told the paper he’d be going on the air to apologize to listeners.

Could this happen in other markets? Out in Indianapolis a petition has been started to bring back sports talkers Jake Query and Derek Schultz.


  1. Not only is iHeart dealing with their poor financials and restructuring, they have walked themselves into a major public relations nightmare!


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