Rock And Roll Conquers All In New Podcast


iHeartRadio and Double Elvis Productions have teamed up for a new podcast called Dear Young Rocker, a first-person, coming-of-age story about the struggles of young adulthood and the power of music, hosted by Chelsea Ursin.

The first two episodes will be released Wednesday, January 15 HERE, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday. (A trailer is already available via the link.)

“I created Dear Young Rocker to reconnect with the young, emotional parts of ourselves and the singularly intense feeling of falling in love with your favorite band for the first time. I think teenage feelings actually mean something, and as much as I wish I could give advice to the younger me, I know our present selves can learn something from the kid in us too,” explains Ursin. “I want my story to help anyone who’s ever struggled with self-doubt and isolation and found power, freedom, and connection in music.”

Dear Young Rocker is executive produced by Disgraceland host Jake Brennan.

“This is what I needed to hear when I was 14, but it didn’t exist,” said Brennan. “Chelsea’s story is raw, heartfelt, and entertaining, and to me is what punk rock is in 2020. It’s not contrived, studded leather, and safe choreographed stage diving. It’s what it always was – a subversive questioning of societal norms and the relentless will to be your true self.”


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