“Good Kids” — Parenting Tips & Humor


Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**hole from Lemonada Media, is serving up five episodes this Thanksgiving, starting November 26. It’s a podcast for anyone in the trenches of parenting or with an opinion on parenting. For 15 minutes each week, a diverse set of parents, teachers, policymakers, and world shapers grab the mic and offer relevant advice, rants, and reflections on child-rearing today.

Listen to the trailer HERE.

“This podcast reflects the constant monologue in the head of every parent, including me and Steph: Is my kid going to be an asshole? Am I messing this all up?” said Jessica Cordova Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Lemonada Media.

About the Thanksgiving Episodes:
●     Episode 1 — Entertainment publicist and reality TV star Jaime Primak Sullivan: “How To Make Your Kids Say Thank You. And Mean It”

●     Episode 2 — Scholar, writer, and podcast host Reza Aslan, his wife, Jessica Jackley, and their three kids: “How To Travel The World With Your Kids…And Actually Enjoy It”

●     Episode 3 — Writer and podcaster Elizabeth Laime: “How To Not Pass Down Your Weird Body Issues To Your Kids”

●     Episode 4 — Activist & educator DeRay McKesson: “How To See Rebellion As A Good Thing”

●     Episode 5 — Disability advocate & Vogue cover model Sinéad Burke: “How To Encourage Your Kids To Love Their Differences”


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