JVC’s Florida Man Format Launches Today


The new format will include Bubba The Love Sponge in morning drive, Shannon Burke in afternoon drive and Scott Ledger in middays. CEO John Caracciolo said this is exactly what radio needs right now, fresh, new, funny and local.

JVC says it will carry the spoken-word format on 105.5 FM and 660 AM in Orlando.

This is a return to Florida for Burke who was let go from former Cumulus Atlanta talker “NewsRadio 106.7” when the company sold the station to EMF earlier this year. Burke has worked at WFLA-AM in Tampa and Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando. He’s also worked with Bubba in the past. After losing his job in Atlanta, Burke posted a video to Facebook that he had something in the works in Florida.

Caracciolo added, “The vision of a locally based talk station that isn’t afraid to confront the big topics while not taking it too seriously, screams the mantra of JVC. We aren’t afraid to buck the norms – keeping live and local radio working for our clients and listeners, providing great results for clients, and continuing to invest in great programming. I’m thrilled for the future of our stations across the country.”


  1. Shannon,
    Atlanta has not recovered from your departure. Hope some smart company comes along and hires an already proven money making line up from the 106.7 crew. I hope it’s an Atlanta station not a Florida station but wherever it is, they’ll roll in the dough and the public will be happy.

  2. @ mike are you a dickhead or what .. you have no fucking idea about good radio. You wouldn’t know good radio if it crawed up your pant leg and bit you on your gina lip.

  3. I’m tuned in to listen to Mr. Shannon Burke. Loved what he had in Atlanta. Looking forward to some great radio in Orlando, FL.
    Plan to tune in frm The Woodlands, TX if Shannon is broadcasted on Iheart Radio.

    Great hire.

  4. Glad to see Shando coming back. Kara was a dip$hit, who was always very argumentative, always thinking she was right. Good luck to all of them.

  5. Why hire a known ratings cheater who no will want to advertise with for morning drive. Free Beer and hot wings would have been a better choice.

  6. The 106.7 lineup was a great success. The concept of more mature, but at times silly, humor was very appealing to the Atl. audience. The old shock jock model is a dieing format. I don’t know the other guy but the weak link in this lineup will be Bubba. If Burke rekindles his show model from Atl he should do ok. The station motto is already a mistake “Man Radio”, that alone will alienate half the audience Shannon had in Atl.

  7. Love Shannon Burke but JVC Media should look at the Kim Peterson who did afternoons at 106.7 before it was sold. The Kimmer’s ratings consistently doubled the rest of the lineup, including Burke.

  8. Looking forward to the reboot of Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger. Hoping I’ll be able to find the station on Tunein Radio since I drive truck & that’s my goto app for radio stations

  9. “New” and “Fresh” does not describe two talents who were once huge, but have fallen due to legal troubles or just plain falling out of favor with the public. And “funny” is highly debatable.

  10. Shannon is awesome and Bubba seems to continue to entertain despite the roadbumps. Manson was great on Bubba’s show and is sorely missed, but Manson’s efforts to put out his own content is absolutely unlistenable. Looking forward to this new endeavour to listen to all day long.

  11. I am happy Shannon got a new gig. I agree with everyone that a Bubba lead in will fail this lineup. It is really sad that the 106.7 setup fell apart for him. It was a spectacular team all day and Shannon was connected with a great co host in Kara. Why do these radio execs destroy good things? I probably won’t listen to the new station much.

  12. All of Bubba’s crew is gone, now it’s just him and a stripper.
    He plays old Manson bits non-stop.
    Radio gold. #not

    Unfortunately, this arrangement will be short lived for Shannon.


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