Is Radio Ready For A Sports Gambling Network?


How far will radio go to be part of the exploding sports gambling market? Dan Mason and David Gow hope the industry will go very far. Both have deep backgrounds with sports on the radio and both are now betting that a new phase of growth for the industry will come from sports gambling.

Dan Mason

VSiN and Gow Media are teaming up for a new network focused specifically on sports gambling. The Vegas Stats & Information Network, which the former CBS Radio CEO is now the Chairman of, will provide the content and Gow Media will manage the syndication to radio stations. The network will launch in August and include sports betting news, insights and analysis around the sports betting markets.

Mason said, “We’re thrilled to provide Gow Media with select sports betting content for terrestrial radio syndication on this exciting new platform. Establishing itself as the leader in the sports gambling information industry, VSiN is differentiated not only by delivering the most credible, actionable sports betting news and insights, but also by adding the entertainment factor with a variety of personalities. Over the past ten years sports radio has exploded and now there’s a new, younger audience emerging that will use analytics to inform their wagers within the growing regulated betting markets. This new network fits perfectly in that space, combining great personalities and legendary odds makers with sophisticated analytics.”

A Younger Audience
The VSiN media kit states 44% of sports bettors are adults under the age of 35 and 29% of bettors earn a household income of more than $100K. The kit also says programming will be available on August 5:

David Gow

Gow Media CEO David Gow: “We think sports betting content is poised for unprecedented growth. We are excited about the opportunity to help this new network deliver this unique content to an audience hungry for information about the nation’s betting markets.”

The name of the new network will be announced at a later date.

VSiN launched in 2017. It stands for Vegas Stats & Information Network and provides news, analysis and proprietary data to the millions of Americans who bet on sports and make gambling a multibillion-dollar industry. VSiN has financial backing from MLB All Star Ryan Howard and his venture capital firm SeventySix Capital.


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  2. Please Correct Me if I am Wrong, but isn’t it promoting Gambling, Openly Gambling is Against the Rules of the FCC? And I totally Agree with Ron Myers. You just forgot one more: Phony Fortune Tellers scamming Latino’s Listeners, and The Radio Owners Happily collecting all of their money while their listeners get scammed with thousands of Dollars!

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