Our Station Promo Of The Day Comes From PA


Thanks to 7 Mountains Market Manager Sean O’Mealy for sending in today’s great station promo. Sean says this digital inbound marketing promo was written and produced by Creative Director Rob Frazier for the 7 Mountains cluster in Selinsgrove/Bloomsburg, PA.

O’Mealy tells Radio Ink his cluster is up double digits in digital revenue in 2019 thanks in large part to their efforts to manage client’s digital campaigns, as opposed to just “selling” them digital products: “That and having a world-class creative department.”

 If you have a killer station promo, send the audio and all the details to [email protected]

Here are our previous station promo submissions:

Joe O’Rourke at Saga in Massachusetts, (Triple-A WRSI/The River). Written and produced by River morning host Monte Belmonte.

(2 below) WDRV-FM (Hubbard) PD Rob Cressman

Scott Roddy, Brand Content Director, Hubbard Radio WARH-FM “The Arch” in St. Louis.

Chris Warren, GM for Midwestern Broadcasting in Traverse City, Michigan.

From Bold Gold Media’s Bob VanDerheyden

From Cox Media Group Atlanta Director of Branding and Programming Pete Spriggs courtesy of Gene Spennato from Studio Partners 


  1. This doesn’t surprise me. Scott Roddy has an innate understanding of radio branding. He’s also an incredible coach.


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