Joyner Jr. Getting In On The Podcasting Act


The Tom Joyner Foundation is joining the podcasting boom and has launched HBCUbiquity, an hour of interviews, discussion, and analysis about historically black colleges and universities, hosted by Thomas Joyner, Jr., President and CEO of the 22-year-old foundation.

Episodes are released weekly on the reVolver Podcast Network and downloadable on all platforms (e.g. iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify) and on its website, The show will feature a wide range of guests, including presidents of HBCUs, faculty, alumni, students, parents, and other supporters.

“The Foundation has actively hosted panels and discussions over the years on the Fantastic Voyage and at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion,” Joyner Jr. said. “This podcast is our chance to have a year-round conversation about our HBCUs. We want to go beyond the typical rhetoric and have meaningful conversations.”

The inaugural show features an insightful overview of the foundation’s history, its programs, and how HBCUbiquity represents the dawn of a new era for the nonprofit.


  1. I’m looking to speak to Thomas joyner jr. he might remember me but when I was a kid and he was attending Howard he and his roommates use to take care of me feed me provide housing and more if you can send him this message and have him reach out to me I would greatly appreciate it.


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