musicFIRST Website Launched To “Save Local Radio.”


The website called is aimed at getting consumers to write to the FCC in opposition to any additional deregulation. The organization claims that if ownership caps are lifted, “one company could control everything a listener gets to hear in any given market.”

From the new website: “Local radio helps give all of us a voice, but now that voice is threatened. Big broadcaster conglomerates supported by the National Association of Broadcasters are lobbying the Trump administration to weaken the Local Radio Station Ownership Rule. If they’re successful, huge broadcast companies will be able to own even more stations. In smaller markets, we could end up with one company owning all the stations, deciding unilaterally what content listeners hear. We want to protect competition, preserve local programming and continue to expand diversity in radio. We have to tell the Federal Communications Commission to Keep Local Radio Local. Big broadcasters have taken their efforts to crowd out and swallow up all local radio stations to a new low.


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