Bob Simpson Calling Time After Half Century


Simpson, who is Production Director for Cumulus Indianapolis, will work his final day Friday, May 3, leaving just a few months shy of 50 years in the radio broadcasting industry, the last 17-plus with Cumulus in Indianapolis.

Chuck Fredrick, VP/Market Manager for Cumulus Indianapolis said: “Simply put, Bob is fantastic at his craft and the audio industry has him to thank for a creative and compelling job well done. Bob, I’m happy to join you on your next trip around the world as your luggage and security assistant.”

Simpson said: “September 14th, it will be 50 years since I first debuted in radio. I immediately mispronounced ‘Wichita’…I mispronounce fewer words now.” He added: “Working in Indy has been a pleasure and a blessing and I am very happy to end my career here. My thanks to this wonderful crew at Cumulus. While I will miss it, I am ready for what the next 50 years bring.”

Stepping into the job of Production Director for the six-station group is Jenn White, who worked in the same position with Entercom-Indianapolis (WZPL-FM, WNTR-FM, WXNT-AM).


  1. Congrats Bob. I truly enjoyed working with Bob during my tenure st Susquehanna Indianapolis. We had a lot of fun and creative time together in our Production Department. Bob weathered the storm when Cumulus bought the station group in 2006. I took my cue to retire from radio.
    Good luck my friend. You brought excellence to the sound of the Indy station group. You’ll be missed.


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