Six Townsquare Stations Go Down


All six of Townsquare’s Shreveport stations were scrambling for programming Monday when the computer operating system for all the stations crashed. According to the KEEL-FM website the crash also affected stations in other markets.

Morning shows on each of the Shreveport stations were interrupted as the system went offline and reverted to default settings. We reached out to the Townsquare corporate office to try to find out and determine whether all the stations were back up and operating but we had not heard back. Here’s how the staff dealt with the crash, according to the KEEL website

On 101.7 / 710 KEEL, Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty were able to continue with their news / talk format, just without commercials, bumper music, etc. Listeners were able to hear Fox News cues in the background, since the system went down during a Fox cast, and computer commands to switch off the network were eliminated. Gary McCoy and Erin Bristol on KISS Country 93.7 played audio from YouTube videos, K 94-5’s Chica and the Bald Guy were able to continue an abbreviated show by hacking into their station’s digital “emergency” control room. KVKI and Highway were able to stay with their satellite morning shows, Kidd Kraddick and Walton and Johnson, respectively. And The Tiger’s Tim Fletcher Show, finding themselves in the same boat as KEEL’s Robert and Erin on KEEL, continued with their uninterrupted sports gabfest.

Townsquare’s engineers and ITs, both local and corporate, were working on the issue Monday.


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