Mets Flip Upstate New York The Middle Finger


That’s what Galaxy CEO Ed Levine told when he was asked about the Major League Baseball team spiking the network to carry games across the state. Galaxy was carrying Mets games in Syracuse the past few seasons and Levine said he had a deal with Entercom to extend that partnership for the next two seasons. Syracuse is also home to a minor league team for the Mets.

Galaxy CEO Ed Levine

Levine told he received an email from an Entercom official explaining that the company would not be purchasing the satellite time required to distribute the Mets games throughout the state. Levine said he wrote back and expressed his opinion that the cutback was “embarrassing.”

Levine said this is why the Yankees are the Yankees and the Mets are the Mets. “It’s not like we told the Mets we didn’t want them. They reneged on the deal. They are too cheap to do what every other major league franchise does. To me, they are just giving the middle finger to Syracuse and all of upstate New York. They just can’t help shooting themselves in the foot. This is what they do. They put a Triple-A franchise in Syracuse, and the first thing they do is cut off their Syracuse broadcast affiliate. It’s one of those decisions where you’re shaking your head and chuckling.”



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