What If Listeners Could Talk Back To Ads?


Let’s say the listener could tell the ad they want more information on a product being advertised. Maybe they want to buy that product. Or, they’d like to skip the ad because it’s irrelevant to them.  Instreamatic.ai, says that’s exactly what their technology does and the company is testing it out with Pandora.

They are called interactive voice ads.

Instreamatic.ai CEO Stas Tushinsky says, “The age of voice has arrived, yet there’s remained a stark need for meaningful consumer engagement — and measurable metrics — in the audio ad space. We believe Instreamatic provides the ideal ad platform to serve this marketplace. We’re excited to be engaged with Pandora to bring this AI-enabled technology to its listeners and advertisers, and prepared to scale these new experiences very quickly once deployed.”

Instreamatic says its technology allows listeners to go far beyond “yes or no” interactions and that Instreamatic’s AI functionality is also designed to study, interpret, and understand user intent, and continuously refines this understanding through deep learning mechanisms. The company says preliminary results “offer evidence that allowing consumers to have a dialogue with ads yields richer engagement and more powerful commitments to ad creative.”

“Voice interactivity has already changed the way consumers interact with brands on smart speakers, and we believe voice will change the very nature of the way consumers interact with brands on Pandora,” said Eric Picard, VP Product Management, Pandora. “We intend to foster an ecosystem of demand-side technology parties to scale voice ads and working with Instreamatic to support this capability has been a true joy.”

Read more about the company HERE including a demo on how the technology works.


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