Only 19% Of Americans Listen To Podcasts Weekly


That’s according to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report for the third quarter of 2018 and for Americans 18 and over. While Nielsen says that number is growing, it doesn’t have any historical data to back up that claim. This is the first report in which Nielsen included podcasting.

You may recall the recent Infinite Dial Survey from Edison Research and Triton which said 22% of Americans (12 plus) now listen to podcasts weekly.

Nielsen’s methodology included audience estimates for 48 large markets based on panelists who carry PPMs. Estimates are based on RADAR and the National Regional Database. RADAR reports national network ratings using both PPM and diary measurement and it is based on a rolling one-year average of nearly 400,000 respondents 12 and over. The Q3 2018 report is based on December RADAR studies.

The Edison Research Infinite Dial is a national telephone survey of 1,500 people 12 and over. It was conducted in January and February of 2019.


  1. “Only”?
    That 18% is up from zero in 2003.
    Selling podcasting short today is like doing the same to FM in 1964.
    Here’s some historical data to put everything since in perspective: in September 2004, when I wrote this — — a Google search for “podcasts” ( brought up 24 results. I just ran it again and the number was “About 1,890,000,000.”


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