Read All About The “Alexa Effect”


It’s a five-part blog series that sheds light on how radio can survive and thrive in a connected world. Integr8 Research is releasing the results of a new study tracking the consumption habits of 6,240 15- to 39-year-old Contemporary music listeners. The new study, conducted in late 2018, takes a look at changing trends since 2017’s “Alexa and the Vanishing AM/FM Radio.”

Integr8 Research President Matt Bailey believes there’s one big question the radio industry will pay special attention to. “Radio has been aggressively promoting smart speaker usage over the past year, literally instructing listeners how to ask Alexa to turn on their respective stations. We wanted to find out, is it working?”

The first blog in the series, “Alexa, Are My Station’s Smart Speaker Promos Working?” addresses that question HERE.

The five blogs will reveal insights related to new technology on radio listening and radio’s influence. These include:

  • The surprising finding about Google Home, and the opportunity radio may be missing;
  • The year smart speakers are pacing to outnumber radios (it’s sooner than you think);
  • Which listeners radio should focus on chasing and which ones are least likely to tune in;
  • The Spotify-slaying weapon radio isn’t using.

Integr8 Research will release a new blog in the series each Wednesday at and will host a webinar to review and discuss all the findings on Wednesday, April 17, with further details and registration information to follow.


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