What HUGE Advertiser Is Falling Back In Love With Radio?


Media Monitors has released its 2018 list of parent companies that spent the most advertising dollars on radio. And while the United States Government aired more commercials than any company, the big news is how Proctor & Gamble has been trending. And, for sure, you’re about to read a story you will want to share over and over with all of your local clients.

P&G moved from 39th on radio’s parent company list of spenders in 2017, to 5th in 2018. The company began shifting more ad dollars to both radio and television back in 2017. Month-over-month, Media Monitors reports an impressive upward trend in the sheer number of P&G product spots aired on Radio. The company advertised 40 different brands on radio, including Vicks, Febreze, Tide and Charmin for a total of 1,803,412 spots.

President/CEO of Media Monitors, Philippe Generali said, “During conversations with media executives, we started noticing the quest for a dominant position on the radio airwaves from P&G. The CPG company is already the #1 advertiser on Broadcast TV and Cable and is clearly looking to also become a dominant player in the radio advertising world. No doubt P&G loves the additional unmatched reach across the US population that radio can provide to them when they are maxed out on TV and Cable.”



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