Elvis Expanding His Empire


Fantasy and sports betting company SportsGrid has signed a deal with The Elvis Duran Group. EDG will be responsible for programming, marketing, sales and distribution of SportsGrid’s Fantasy Sports Radio Network.

FNTSY Radio has more than 75 hours of programming every week that’s distributed via streaming/on-demand video, OTT and linear TV. The free digital streaming audio platform can be heard on the FNTSY Radio app, iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

Duran said, “I’ve seen the growth and fanaticism of fantasy sports and gaming through my own audience and my fellow cast mates. SportsGrid President Louis Maione and his team have built fantastic assets that are poised to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape. I’m excited to help make FNTSY Radio the premier audio destination in the marketplace.”

EDG Partner/CEO David Katz added, “Whether it’s daily fantasy or season long, the need for statistical analytics, in market reporting, and expert opinion has never been greater. Fantasy consumers are always seeking out an edge through content that no one else has. It’s our mission to provide fans the resources they need to be competitive as they draft and manage their teams in every sport, every day.”

SportsGrid President Louis Maione says, “As one of the great communicators, Elvis knows exactly what and how to deliver to his millions of listeners on a daily basis. The brand David and Elvis have built is 25-years in the making. With the passion they have for the content our listeners are clamoring for, they’re the perfect team to help cement FNTSY Radio as the market leader and innovator. Focused on Fantasy & Sports Wagering, the FNTSY Sports Radio Network is not your father’s channel and together we’ll take the platform’s content to new heights and audiences.”


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