Salem Adds Another Conservative Talker


Salem Radio Network is launching a new talk show hosted by Sebastian Gorka. America First with Sebastian Gorka will debut January 1, 2019 and air daily 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET on the SRN platform, replacing the Michael Medved Show. Gorka is Fox News Channel’s National Security Strategist and a regular guest on Hannity and the FOX Business Network. He writes for The Hill and is the author of Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies—With No Apologies and Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. He was an advisor to candidate Donald Trump and served on the staff of the White House in 2017 as Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategy.  

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have talent like Sebastian Gorka joining the Salem lineup,” said Salem Media Group’s CEO Edward Atsinger. “He’s a perfect fit. Brilliant, insightful, educated, and uniquely experienced.”


  1. In February 2017, Stephen Walt, a professor of international affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, voiced his reservations about Gorka influencing policy in the White House, saying: “Gorka does not have much of a reputation in serious academic or policymaking circles. He has never published any scholarship of significance and his views on Islam and US national security are extreme even by Washington standards. His only real ‘qualification’ was his prior association with Breitbart News, which would be a demerit in any other administration.”



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