Langmyer Launches


The new company is called Great Lakes Media. Its CEO is veteran broadcaster Tom Langmyer and the plan is to purchase stations in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Why? Because the former Scripps executive says smaller communities are making a comeback and many of the broadcast companies are delivering generic, unremarkable content.

According to Langmyer there’s a new generation of people to whom quality of life and community are very important, and they are building their lives and businesses in these places. “Over the years, the shifting economy and technology had ended an era of localism in media. Today, people are once again in search of real community and the greater connection that comes with being a part of a ‘place.’ Local media builds that connection — particularly in smaller markets.”

Langmyer said, “The need is clear as many of the broadcast media platforms have been providing white-labelled, generic, unremarkable content. And while it’s growing, the digital space is in dire need of compelling content to make it a more robust advertising and revenue platform. Radio and digital complement each other, as it’s not an either/or proposition. There’s great open space in creating more personal local experiences by leveraging these platforms — and expanding the emotional connection between consumers and local brands.”

The company is meeting with investors and brokers, and others who are interested in specific markets; and plans to announce appointments of officers and partners in the weeks ahead.


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