That Old Witchcraft


Ready for some witchy entertainment? Unobscured, a new iHeart podcast produced in collaboration with HowStuffWorks will focus on the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The podcast will be hosted by Aaron Mahnke. This is the second podcast produced by HowStuffWorks that Mahnke will host, the first being Cabinet of Curiosities. The new podcast will launch on October 3, 2018. The announcement comes on the heels of iHeartMedia acquiring Stuff Media, which includes the HowStuffWorks podcasting business as well as a slate of premium podcast content.

“The Salem Witch Trials is one of the most infamous and intriguing areas of U.S. history, and yet there are several critical facets of the story that have never been truly explored,” said Mahnke. “Unobscured is a drastically different take on a well-known story, and I hope to shift the perspective not only on what happened there, but why and how.”


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