Jared And Katie Take Over Mornings At Hot 98.3


Savannah’s Hot 98.3 in Greensboro, NC, has a new show — Jared and Katie in the Morning. The duo are joined on air by Man Kisser Matt (Matt Wells), intern Hugs O’Houlihan (Thomas Marvin), and Jason Goodman. 

Goodman, a member of the Jared and Katie show as well as VP of Programming for Dick Broadcasting said, “Jared and Katie took over the morning show six years ago on WKZL. Since then, they have developed into a high-profile show that has memorable and engaging content with a wide range of emotions. Jared and Katie won the NCAB Morning Show of the Year in 2017 and have led WKZL to be a nationwide finalist for Station of the Year in 2017, and upcoming in 2018 at the NAB in late September. Jared and Katie will be a perfect fit for Savannah’s new Hot 98.3.”

“After the incredibly successful launch of Hot 98.3 earlier this year, the addition of Jared and Katie is just another step to taking over the market,” remarked Operations Manager Gabe Reynolds. 

Program Director Stacy Scott said of the addition, “We officially have the last piece to our puzzle. I am so excited to bring on such an entertaining morning show. Savannah, be ready to start your mornings off right. Now, Hot 98.3 Savannah is complete!” 


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