Hewitt Has Gone Mad


During the upcoming elections, Salem Radio Network will launch Mid-Term Madness, a fantasy game allowing listeners to The Hugh Hewitt Show to select who they think will win on election day. Much like basketball brackets where fans can choose the teams they want to win, or fantasy football where fans choose players, listeners will be able to select from a variety of races across the country and show their political expertise.

Hewitt said, “I’ve been a fan of fantasy football leagues for years, but this is the first time anybody has figured out how to apply those basic rules to a national election. My listeners are incredibly smart, especially about all these races. The winner will get to co-host a radio show with me. What could be better?”

Hewitt’s show airs 6-9 a.m. ET on the Salem Radio Network.

Beginning September 10, Hewitt’s listeners will be able to go to his website, www.HughHewitt.com, and register to play. Hugh has worked with Loyal Ears Digital, a company with a great deal of experience in fantasy sports leagues. They will monitor the game and watch for fair play and accuracy. The winning contestant will win a trip to Washington, DC, to be on the Hugh Hewitt radio program across the country.


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