Ottawa JUMPs At Brooke & Jubal


Ottawa’s JUMP! 106.9 (CKQB-FM) announced, Thursday, their new morning show Brooke & Jubal In The Morning, hosted by award-winning radio hosts Brooke Fox and Jubal Flagg. On September 4, the show will hit the JUMP! 106.9 airwaves, bringing one of North America’s top syndicated morning shows to the Ottawa market. National Association of Broadcasters Award-winning radio hosts Brooke Fox and Jubal Flagg have co-hosted Brooke & Jubal In The Morning together since 2011, with the show launching into national syndication in 2015.

Brooke & Jubal In The Morning airs weekdays 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. ET starting Tuesday, September 4 on JUMP! 106.9.


  1. Really??? It’s been over a week now. They’re awful. If the radio is on for more than an hour, it’s the same loops over and over again.

  2. Good for the talent. The local Ottawa market – not so much.
    Ditto the local talent.
    I wonder if JUMP is adding a white flag to its logo.


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