Who’s’ Spending The Most Money?


According to Nielsen, McDonald’s was the biggest advertiser on Urban and Rhythmic Radio in both 2016 and 2017, although spending is off by about $1.5 million. That’s confirms what Urban One CEO Alfred Liggins has been saying on his quarterly earnings calls. McDonald’s spent $12.3 million on Urban radio in 2016 and that dropped to $10.8 million in 2017. Here are the top five advertisers for both Urban and Spanish-language radio.

The top five advertisers in the Urban format for 2017 were:
McDonald’s – $10.8 million
Comcast – $9.2 million
Optima Tax Relief – $8.5 million
T-Mobile – $7.5 million
Metro PCS – $7.1 million

The top five advertisers in the Spanish-language format were:
Metro PCS – $7.4 million
McDonald’s – $7.3 million
T-Mobile – $6 million
Community Tax Relief – $5.8 million
Sprint – $5.5 million


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