Art Bell Dead at 72


We’ve been flooded with comments from around the industry since we first announced the death of Art Bell this past weekend. Bell died at his home in Las Vegas on Friday, April 13. Here are the details along with comments from George Noory, Kraig Kitchin and others…

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office announced that an autopsy will be done later this week to determine the cause of death.

Bell’s paranormal-themed overnight show, “Coast to Coast AM,” was syndicated on hundreds of stations by Premiere back in the 90’s. He left the show in 2002. He also had a show on SiriusXM in 2013. Bell was 72 years old. Most recently Premiere was syndicating Bell’s show Somewhere In Time which was the best in classic Art Bell shows from 6pm – 10pm on Saturdays.

Kraig Kitchen was very involved in launching Art Bell’s program and syndicating him on hundreds of stations. “Art Bell’s late night conversations made you interested in what he found interested him. He defined the word, compelling. You respected what he inspected. You listened much longer into the night than you told yourself you would. He caused lots of sleep deprivation by his craft, but opened the eyes and minds of so many to the “what if…” of our world. He will be missed.”

The Nye County Sheriff made the announcement of Bell’s sudden death on Facebook and Twitter…

At one time Bell had close to 10 million listeners before his sudden retirement. He did his shows about UFOs, conspiracies and cover-ups for over 15 years from his home in the Nevada desert. He came out of retirement several times but was eventually replaced by George Noory who still hosts the overnight program today.

Noory told Radio Ink: “Art was a legend – a radio icon who went against the grain and developed an amazing show called Coast to Coast AM. His impact on my life is beyond words. He will be missed, but I know he is now on another journey.”

Bell also had a show on SiriusXM in 2013 but that only lasted 6 weeks. Bell returned to radio in 2015 with a new show called Midnight in the Desert, available online and on a few stations. He announced what would be his final retirement on December 11, 2015, citing security concerns at his home. Bell founded and was the original owner of Pahrump-based radio station KNYE 95.1 FM.

In 1986 KDWN in Las Vegas offered Bell a five-hour time slot in the middle of the night. Syndication of his program began in 1993.


  1. Years ago I worked midnights as a police officer and listened to Art Bell. Never forget his interview with Merle Haggard. I didn’t know Art had died. RIP MR. BELL. THANK YOU!!

  2. I found Art when he had back problems, many years ago. Fascinating man. My nights are now sadder, lonelier. Another star is in the heavens now. I learned more from you than I did in high school. From one VET to another, Sir, I salute you.

  3. Art, I got through medical school listening to you during my late night study sessions and long-drive home every night from Dallas to west Fort Worth Thank you so much sir and God speed. May God please watch over your wife and young children as well.

  4. The person in that picture is not Art Bell. Could you not have used a picture of him. They are readily attainable.

  5. Though I never met Art face-to-face, I had several dealings with him on the professional/technical level. I always found Art to be a consummate pro and a man of profound class. And above all else, he was a true radio fanatic; I was privileged to assist and talk to him. RIP, my friend.

  6. My friend robin told me one day “you should listen to art bell at night while you work nights,hes enretaining.) And so i did,it was a RIDE THAT MADE MY NIGHT SHIFT FLY BY. Thanks to art,he opened my eyes to the many lies of this world we live in. Rest in peace sir.

  7. I grew up on Art’s show and he was one of the primary influences in my wanting to become a radio broadcaster. When I started listening in 2005, Art was only hosting weekends. That was the only time I had a chance to listen anyway, and the show needless to say caused me a few late nights. It was absolutely gripping, especially when Art did the EVP and ghost to ghost shows. His stories of the great American Southwest and all of the UFO activity around Pahrump was usually very shocking, and revealing of a world few actually know about. Art, you were the man.

  8. Mr. ArtBell sir , uv opened my mind to so very much…!!!! U where like family to me . Your integrity is unmatched…. God love n protect Asia n it wife , n all the cats…… Lol
    Kieth McLean New City, NY

  9. Mr. ArtBell sir , uv opened my mind to so very much…!!!! U where like family to me . Your integrity is unmatched…. God love n protect Asia n it wife , n all the cats…… Lol Kieth McLean New City, NY

  10. First of all, my sincere condolences go to Art’s family, his many friends and fellow fans.

    Art did not want his personal vision of paranormal, late night radio to end with 20 year old re-runs. That’s why he chose his former producer, Heather Wade to host “Midnight In The Desert” in December of 2015. KCAA was one of the few stations that carried Art’s final return from retirement, and since then, carried Midnight In The Desert live from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Pacific Time, hosted by Heather Wade.
    Needless to say, Heather is no Art Bell, but neither is George Noory and my appraisal does not diminish either of them because there will never be another Art Bell, the man who perfected “theater of the mind”. He will forever remain the Gold standard of late night radio.
    Recently, Heather Wade announced she was organizing an invasion/trespass of Area 51 with Art’s blessing. In fact, Art had offered to host the show on the night of the “invasion” which is planned for June. The risk involved goes far beyond anything attempted by Alex Jones, who exposed Bohemian Grove and the annual Bilderberg conferences.
    At best, Heather and her followers will be arrested, and worst case, unthinkable things could happen. It’s all about how the Government responds. .
    With Art Bell’s blessing, Heather Wade made plans to take “disclosure” to a totally different level. Unfortunately, by doing so, she will put her own safety, and the safety of others on the line. I hope and pray that the Government uses restraint because this could end badly. It’s one hell of a risk to take.
    Heather Wade is a strong Trump supporter and she may be counting on his protection. Trump could add millions of people to his “base” with the following tweet… “I know all about the Area 51. Nobody knows more about Area 51 than me. I’ve instructed Homeland Security to let them in and show them everything”. Trump is so unpredictable that it could happen…
    On the other hand, do you find it curious that Art Bell unexpectedly died in his sleep while helping Heather prepare the event? Just saying…
    My message to other station managers and owners is simple. It’s time to give the lady a chance. That’s the way Art wanted it.

    • Art could have been given a intentional early demise using certain chemical compounds (that quickly dissipate into their respective components in the bloodstream) to induce a “heart attack” (think Pope John Paul 1), a radionics or scalar device, or some type of martial arts “death touch” (e.g. Bruce Lee). The autopsy MAY help, but if he was assassinated, the books will be cooked, rest assured.

      Art raised MANY legitimate questions over the years…

      For his doubters and detractors, I have one question for you. If we dismiss 95% of ALL the narratives and scenarios he and his guests have researched and then painted on air, how then do you explain the 5% remaining.(cue X-Files music, please.)

      Art was a pioneer in wanting folks to wake-up to the greater reality (Matrix) we live in and under its control.

  11. When he was at his best, it was fascinating to go from 540kHz to 1600kHz and take notice of how popular he was. He even popped up from the graveyard frequencies’ murmurs. He treated everyone with respect and gave everyone a turn to be heard by millions. Y2K, The Quickening, so many memories! Farewell.

  12. Art Bell will never rest;the human soul does not rest, it actively continues. Art was a master of a particular form of radio.The radio Hall of Fame is not adequate recognition for such as he.

  13. Condolences to the Bell family. I really enjoyed Coast to Coast when Art was at the microphone. May Art rest in peace.

    Robert VA3AOD

  14. Good Bye. I enjoyed listening to Coast to Coast AM on my 9 hour drive every early Monday mornings. Still listen to George Noory. Anyway, I was in that restaurant in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines when he got married down there few years back. Rest in Peace Sir.

  15. Kept me awake many nights in my truck. I would drive at night just so I could listen to him. It’s a better world at night. All the problems go to sleep.

  16. Remember that the Templars were always murdered on Friday the 13th! It is why we fear that day, Art we will remember!

    • Yes….what a true legend…thank heaven I can still hear him on you tube…..coast was never the same without him…

  17. Art inspired me to become a Ham. The world has lost a great communicator. My heart is heavy. My condolences to his family.

  18. What a true ICON
    The best there ever was.
    Lady Midnight is lonelier now than she could have ever dreamed.
    Rest In Peace Art Bell

  19. Passing away on Friday the 13th…only Art could possibly pull that off. I am truly sad as I have been listening to reruns for years. My heart goes out to his family. I hope Art makes contact with George Knapp…the next and greatest talk show host.


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