Digging Deep Into Racial Injustice In Mississippi


On May 1, APM Reports will release Season Two of In the Dark, the Peabody Award-winning investigative podcast. This season digs into the case of one man in a small Mississippi town who has been tried for the same crime six times, trapped in a terrifying loop within the criminal justice system. Over 10 episodes, listeners will learn about the case of Curtis Flowers, who’s on death row charged with killing four people in 1996.

In Season Two, APM Reports thoroughly investigates this extraordinary case. Three of the four people murdered were white. Months after the crime, despite having no witnesses, law enforcement arrested Flowers, a black man. What follows is a story of injustice and a racial divide.

In the Dark’s episodes will be released weekly, beginning May 1 and ending June 26. The second episode also will be available May 1. View the Season Two trailer, available now on Apple Podcasts, to learn more.



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