Citizen Kelly Un-Retires


Saying he is coming out of retirement to “save Chicago radio,” Citizen Kelly will return to evenings on AM 1590 WCGO with The Citizen Kelly Show, beginning on March 19, airing daily from 10 p.m. to midnight. Kelly says the recent sale of WLUP-FM and the pending bankruptcy of several major Chicago radio stations brought him to his decision. Kelly is an Emmy award-winning producer, media strategist, and commentator. He began his career as a promotions coordinator at WLUP-FM, which signed off after 40 years of classic rock this weekend.

“The Citizen Kelly radio empire is not only growing but thriving,” said Kelly. “We do Chicago TV and radio successfully because we are from Chicago, we know Chicago people, we know Chicago attitudes, and we know Chicago humor unlike these failed, bankrupt radio stations with their fake personalities and forced laughter.”


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