Dan Sileo Leaving The Mighty 1090


One of Radio Ink’s Best Local Sports Talkers of 2017 is leaving his current job for another. Dan Sileo, who’s been hosting mornings on The Mighty 1090 in San Diego since 2014, is leaving the station for another gig in the market. Sileo tells Radio Ink he’s not ready to announce where he’s going just yet but he will be hosting a Sports Talk show in San Diego.

Here’s the statement Sileo made: “It’s with GREAT sadness that I informed the Mighty 1090 that I will be moving on to a great opportunity. I want to thank the folks at 1090 for SAVING my career. Mike Shephard has been amazing to work for. I love the on-air guys like Scott Kaplan and Darren Smith…amazing lineup….Once again….SD…Sileo is NOT going anywhere…stay tuned.”

Sileo has also worked in Florida at WDAE in Tampa, WQAM in Miami, and 740 The Team in Orlando. Early on his career Sileo worked in San Francisco with KNBR 680 and 1050 and FOX Sports Radio. He played college football at the University of Miami.


  1. he sucked ass!..all he talked about is his 35 year old days at the U and like he played 10 years in the NFL ..he played 1 ..this is his claim to stardom in the NFL -Sileo is the second-highest drafted defensive lineman in NFL Supplemental Draft history..lol

  2. He did 1090 a favor. Meatheads who love nonsensical rants will be sad to hear of this news. Everybody else is getting an upgrade in the morning.

  3. Glad he’s gone! Worst radio host ever! Whinny political troll. Reminding us of his very short time as a player in the NFL everyday. Feltry for his on air partner.

  4. I am so glad he is gone. Had to listen to AM600, because I could not stand sound of his voice. The guy did not know what he was talking about half the time, and his voice was like fingernails on a chalk board.

  5. Sileo was an OK show. I used to listen to him. Not for maybe a year. Rome is the Worst show ever, so I always tuned out at 9:00 if I was listening to Sileo. 1090 has really blown it. They lost the Padres, they lost the Aztecs – which is a popular team in TWO sports. So they are a sports station with NO sports. Great.

  6. So glad Sileo has left 1090. The only good thing he did was get great people to interview. However whenever they had the interview, he did all the talking and answered all the questions that the person being interviewed was supposed to. A classic load mouth Jock who is too ensecure to collaborative with other talented people around him.
    Time to bring back John Kentera!

  7. Thank god Dan Sileo is gone. Tired of him steering every talk about the NFL towards CTE and how evil the NFL empire is…. Dan, wake up, the average Fan doesn’t care that a bunch of millionaires feel they are “being taken advantage of”.

  8. Sileo was great. Glad to hear that he’s staying in SD. I was never sure if his beef with Scot Kaplan was real or bluster. I assume this means that someone at 1360 is out unless Dan is moving to a rock and roll station. 🙂

  9. The only good show left on 1090 is now gone. My 1090 time is officially done. Dan Sileo, thanks for bringing real sports talk to San Diego.

  10. Well I would not be listening to 1090 before it’s just like when they got rid of Roberts on the other am 760 that I haven’t tune in to them either it amazes me that people just disappear and you don’t know what happened I’m sure there’s more than meets the story because he was very vocal


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