Make Sure Your Client Knows Their Own Worth


(By Chris Stonick) Radio works… sometimes. One of the biggest reasons for failure comes down to dollars and sense. If you don’t ask for enough dollars, it won’t make sense.

According to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, the average cost per hire to fill a single position is $4000. Knowing that is powerful. Asking for less than $4000 for a single recruitment run means that you’re telling a client that you can do things no one else can.

I recently asked a company what hiring means to their bottom line annually. The answer I got: $45,000… per painter.  The same goes for any type of business. Selling one car. Selling one widget. Selling one anything.

Ask them, “What type of profit will you profit?” Once you know that answer, then you’ll know what it’s worth to properly budget the schedule! Don’t put yourself in a bad position. Work from a position of strength. Regardless of the category, get the money your client needs to win!


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