Salespeople: How Do You Stand Out?


Kelly Greeley (pictured here with Kelsea Ballerini) is an Account Executive for Neuhoff Media in Springfield, IL. She’s been selling radio for 27 years. Kelly has found a very cool way to stand out amongst the many salespeople she has to compete with in her market. Are your salespeople as creative as Kelly Greeley? Check out what she’s doing.

Kelly had a jingle created for herself that runs on all four Neuhoff stations every day. And Kelly’s clients brag about how great a salesperson she is in the jingles. It’s clearly a win-win for everyone invloved. Advertisers get additional exposure on the air and Kelly is building her unique brand as “Kelly, The Girl to Know in Radio.” LISTEN HERE And congratulate Kelly on a very creative idea to help her sell more radio…[email protected]



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