XAPPmedia Launches Alexa Product For Radio


The company has launched a new product called Voice Radio, which is a self-service product that allows stations to build Amazon Alexa skills online in five minutes. XAPP then reviews and tests the skills and submits them to Amazon for certification. XAPP says the process takes about one week until the skill is live. You can check out pricing on the product HERE.

XAPPmedia CEO and co-founder Pat Higbie said, “Just think. Someone at a radio station can take five minutes today to enter a few pieces of information into an online form and have their station live on Alexa next week. Our Voice Media platform provides interactive voice services for all types of media on Amazon Alexa. It also automates many of the Alexa skill development, deployment, and management processes. Our beta testing proved that Voice Radio can deploy custom Alexa skills at scale. We are excited to provide a fast and affordable way for radio stations to reach their listeners directly through Amazon Alexa.”


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