Fitz Out In Seattle


This short statement was issued from Entercom corporate Monday confirming that Cory Fitz will no longer host mornings on The Wolf in Seattle. “Fitz in the Morning will no longer be on air on 100.7-FM The Wolf in Seattle as of Monday, April 24. Fitz has been an important part of the station for nearly 12 years, but we have decided to part ways. We wish him well, and we will be conducting a nationwide search for the station’s next morning show.”


  1. I’m a P1 from D1 too. Fitz and the crew supported my 4 year old son thru his battle of cancer. He visited us on occasion at Seattle Children’s and other fans too. One of Fitz co-workers son lost his battle childhood cancer, my family and i were there by Jenna’s side.

  2. Willow I stopped listening to the Wolf 100.7 after Tony left because of Fitz and his condescending attitude Went over to 94.1 didn’t really care for it was in a car the other morning 100.7 was on no Fitz checked online found out he was gone now I’m back Really enjoy listening to Ellen

  3. I’ve listened to the station since 2008 because of Fitz’s talent, creativity and awesome singing voice. I also appreciated Tony’s talent and knowledge of Psychology. I’m in the process of switching to 89.3fm and 96.9fm instead. I’m feeling the losses deeply with Tony and Fitz. I must start to move on and grieve those losses. I hope Tony and Fitz are successful and doing well. Take care Fitz and Tony. I was honored to know you.

    • To whom it may concern, I’ve been attempting to get a hold of the Conversations host without success. How do I access Conversations from the beginning? Thanks. Sincerely yours, Dawn Elizabeth

      • I’m also feeling hurt, disappointed, disgruntled and betrayed. Although if Fitz left for the reason I think he did, I don’t blame him. I wish Fitz and Tony the best. Thanks Take care. Thanks. Sincerely yours, Dawn Elizabeth

  4. I am trying to get some bodies attention to the fact that 100.7-2 is not linking up. I found this channel and think it’s great. However it keeps going down and it seems no one at kkwf cares!

  5. I was really disappointed when Tony left. I almost stopped listening but I really like Ellen and Fitz.
    But now that Fitz is gone, I switched to 94.1.

  6. Ellen is doing a great job. We need Fitz back, he is the backbone of the show. And by the way, bring Toni back too!!!!!

  7. I tried to stay on and listen to the Wolf. Can’t do it without Fitz. I already missed Tony and now the show stinks! I just reset the radio so I don’t have 100.7 set anymore.

  8. Are you kidding me right now… I have been a P1 since D1 and I went on a leave of absence, so I wasn’t online in the mornings for a couple weeks and come back and Fitz is gone WTF… If this wasn’t his choice… Then 100.7 made a really stupid move! I like Ellen but those two together made my day, week and life every day! Love and miss you Fitz, but I got to find a new station now just to prove a point to the bigwigs nothing against you Ellen ❤️

  9. P 1 from day 1. Really thought he was sick or on vacation. Can’t believe he is gone. Might as well listen to static or AM. No good radio show to listen to. Anybody can read the news and weather you gotta make me WANT to turn to your channel. Fitz did that!

  10. Wolf lost a loyal fan without Fitz. I heard the crap personalities they have now, they suck!!!!! The guy in lay morning early afternoon makes me want to kill myself he is so bad. Ellen is ok but lacks that energy Fitz had.


  12. The radio station people are idiots. I so enjoyed he and Ellen in the morning. I spend a lot of time in the car and that was my enjoyment for the day. Like others you have lost me. You probably don’t care but ratings keep you on the air. If you read the comments most if the people have left. These are only people that have vocalized their feelings. I’m betting there are thousands out there. They would be smart to beg him to come back.

  13. Stopped listening after Tony left because I couldn’t stand Fitz! HIS voice was like nails on a blackboard. Glad that I can now listen to 100.7 again without gagging. Good bye and good riddance! The station is much better off without him.

    • I agree. I stopped listening in the morning as I got tired of Fitz’s holier than thou attitude. glad is can tune back in

  14. I also thought he was on vacation. Guess I’m more of a P1 til Fitz is gone gal cause I’m outta here. Bone head move Wolf.

  15. again i say bye to you i also thought fitz was on vacation never could stand ellen do you listen to your own station her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard only listen cause of Fitz

  16. Just sad. I moved from Detroit three years ago and stumbled on his show and listened every morning. I guess I’ll find a new station. Even though Ellen is from my home state, she just doesn’t cut it as the main DJ. She was good as a sidekick, but that’s about it. Radio management makes NO sense!

  17. Rinse and repeat meaning I have the same feelings as do everyone who has posted here.
    I no longer listen to 100.7, you do not deserve to be called the wolf, any longer.
    I also have heard from people at your radio station that you think this will all blow over eventually, but like many have stated above, you have under estimated P1,s. this will not blow over and if rumors are true the wolf will no longer exist as there are other plans to go to another genre.
    I am a retired military disabled veteran that listened to Fitz to help me get through things. You have taken this away from me and that I can never forget.


  18. Well bye bye Wolf. I’ve been laid up with surgery and haven’t been listening. I get back in the vehicle and dont hear fitz. Google it and such stupidity. It’s most likely political. He’s not a libtard loving asshat like the bigwigs at this station I am sure.

  19. Screw 100.7 for getting rid of fitz. He saved my life many times by listening to him and all the wonderfull things he did and said. Very very sad loss. I will never listen to the station again. Morons for getting rid of him. He touched soo many lives.

  20. I stoped listing to the wolf I removed it from my presets on my radio after hearing That Fitz is no longer on 107.7 I will only listen to 94.1 now kmps

  21. The big wigs in country radio in Seattle just don’t get it. First is was KMPS. Ichabod was family. They got rid of him and all of the good talent, none of the regulars were left, so I left too. They were my family. I spend 3-4 hours per day commuting and I could always count on KMPS. I tried the Woof with Fitz. He filled a void in my morning that used to be filled with Ichy. Now Fitz is gone. Why can’t you keep good talent? Haven’t you guys learned?……If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Won’t be tuning in any more even though Ellen is sweet. So long.

  22. Be Ditz, be me listening anymore.
    Fitz was the only reason I kept listening to the station in the 1st place as I am not a country person and had my radio alarm set to 1:00 point 7 so now I have to change my alarm after 4 years. My opinion is that Ellen sucks.

  23. I’m shocked! I work in Washington but live in Canada, and when I am down here I listen to Fitz in the morning. I love his show. Ellen Taylor….really?
    I would always think, I wish Canada would get a morning show like his- but now he is gone and that’s crap! I guess with their track record Ellen should just prepare hersel. They will eventually give you the boot too, so don’t get too comfortable. Fitz was a down to earth relatable guy to many. Bye bye I cannot listen to Ellen. Sorry.
    Until we meet again Fitz!

  24. Agree with all the other comments about how great Fitz was for the Wolf. Sad day for P1’s. I do wish Ellen the best of luck as she is in a tough position now.

  25. I agree with you all. But change was needed as fitz was good but he was just getting old and redundant! I quit listening to 100.7 when tony left as he was funny! Fitz was all about fitz in the last few years! Same old stuff everyday, we all need to move on to grow and remember its all about business! Give ellen a chancw it was nice to listen to her this morning!

    • Unfortunately I feel the reason you think that Fitz was so redundant in the past is the radio station would not allow him to produce the show the way that he had in the past which is what kept us listeners listening. I’m sure if you listen to his podcast you would find that the true Fitz that we all used to love is now running the show the way it used to be. Now that is just my opinion and my take on things but to each is their own.

      • I agree completely! Love his pod casts, waiting for the whole crew to be picked up soon! need his on my car radio again. Yep delete my book mark to stream the wolf in the morning at work, changed my car radio station to the other country station but not liking it much. Keep doin’ your think Fitz! Cuz who’s better than you??? NOBODY!!!!

  26. I changed my pre-set for the first time in years. I will miss little Chloe’s voice every morning. Hoping to find Fitz soon, I miss his voice and funny quips.

  27. If anyone finds out where he went post it please! He was the reason I listened to the wolf. Huge loss for that station!!!

  28. Dumbest mistake ever!! Fitz made my morning! I’d rather listen to my Pandora than listsn to the Wolf now that you lost your pack leader. I only listsned for his morning whitt, now I’ll just Pandora my way around town. Wrong move 100.7…. Wrong move.

  29. Management you are really stupid. FITZ was the wolf nothing against the others but I won’t be listening to your station anymore.

  30. One word…. BYE!!!
    Fitz, let us know where you land. Call us what u want, we’ll still be yur “pack” wherever you go.

  31. I thought he was on vacation…then googled it. BIG BIG MISTAKE!! Fitz was the whole show, the reason I tuned in. Very sad. I now say goodbye to the wolf. You will lose a lot of listeners because of your poor choice to let him go.

  32. I won’t listen you anymore. Fitz made your station. I don’t know what happened but the listeners deserve better then that. First tony now Fitz I completely am shocked. I’m going toKMPS

  33. Wow…. really… P1 day one… bye bye… Fitz was the reason I listened every single day.. he made your station. First Tony, now Fitz, you will be loosing your following. Fitz was a real person, he made you want to tune in every day, he made you laugh, and cry. Ellen is great, but she is certainly not Tony, and she NEEDS Fitz… Sorry, it has been a great 12 years. Will be looking for Fitz wherever he goes… What a way to ruin my mornings…and from the looks of the comments, many other people to…. Mr. Potato Head, you just lost a lot of listeners…

  34. I agree with the sentiments of the other folk here…..Good Bye 100.7 the Wolf, Fitz was why people tuned in without him you have nothing. I will be changing my presets and deleting your station. Ellen is boring and not worth listening to.

  35. I thought at first Fitz was on vacation or perhaps a family emergency; however, after the second week I had to check into it and finding out this horrible news. I will figure out where he is on my dial and go there. The Wolf is dead air without him there.

  36. Fitz made that show worth listening to. Without him it’s just a boring parade of bro-country. I go where Fitz goes. Hope I’ll hear Tony there, too.

  37. The greatest morning show is gone I enjoy Ellen that was a complete family and friends I haven’t heard any troop salutes which the men and woman that support this great country need to hear this it makes their spirits bring them back

  38. Fitz made the broadcast!! I like Ellen but Fitz was the reason I listened!! I’ll be looking to see where he goes and will tune in there!

  39. HOLY CRAP!!!! REALLY???? Fitz was the only reason that I listened to this station. I will be no longer. When you “let” Tony go, that was a HUGE shock. This shock is even bigger than that!!! I can’t even believe this. FITZ IS AWESOME and was the whole reason people tuned it, I’m sure of that.

  40. You’re going to lise a lot of listeners. It was soooo bad when you let Tony go and Ellen is just awfull. Letting Fitz go is going to be the demise of your station…I hope.

  41. You don’t know how to leave a good show alone. First Tony and now Fitz. Won’t be listening any longer.

  42. You have made a huge mistake parting ways with Fitz. You don’t understand how loyal his fans are, but you will find out. You made a grave error when you let Tony go, but now that you have also let The other employees don’t hold a candle to Fitz or Tony.

  43. I’m sick over this, he helped make me like country…won’t listen to the wolf or kmps cause they suck big time!!


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