Here’s One To Take To Your Advertisers


We’ve been reporting for years that businesses have been shifting their ad dollars to digital. It’s the shiny new platform and everybody’s doing it, often without measuring whether campaigns are even working or not. However, this story might give some of your advertisers pause the next time they consider advertising on the latest and greatest social media site.

Digiday is reporting that more than 60% of users on Snapchat skips the ads. The digital website reports that new data from the customer acquisition firm Fluent shows 69 percent of the 3,327 American adults surveyed online skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often.” That increases 80 percent in the 18-14 demo. Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen says, “It’s really about exclusive, short, fun content. In addition to communicating with friends, they follow celebrities. They don’t really engage with ads or mainstream news outlets.”

Media buyer David Song says he doesn’t think advertising on social media works. “If I see an ad from Taco Bell, I will skip it immediately. Snapchat is lovely for the end user, but it doesn’t know how to sell its ad products.”

Read the Digiday story HERE


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