One Last Hurrah For Terry Boers


Terry Boers joined sports station WSCR (The Score) in Chicago back in 1992. He was one of the station’s first hosts, following a long career as a columnist at the Chicago Sun Times. The station is sending off the host with a special live broadcast Thursday called “Toast to Terry,” which Boers will host himself.

Along with co-host Dan Bernstein, on the Boers & Bernstein show, Boers’ final show was December 22. The two have been working together for 17 years.


  1. Boers lost me as a caring and concerned human being when he and his sexist (verified) partner, went after Ron Santo’s multiple amputations due to diabetes…..they were merciless in their treatment and ongoing beratemnt of the man and his condition. See columnist Rob Sherman for an example of how they treated other writers/broadcasters who dared call them out. Interesting isnt it now that Boers has had health “issues” its all hush hush, and not so much as even an “upper body injury” label….guess they protect their own…good riddance…the dude was pulliing near 700k a year in the end and he truly had lost it about a decade ago—he was slow, not with it, behind, not current with sports nor news events—just was a paid resident goof and noise maker….know what his saying “by-cracky” means? Once again, sexist…he had a great following and I did follow him—but the Santo stuff was horrid and frankly he deserves to be called out for it…dude’s filthy rich so little sympathy. Peace out

  2. Being sick is a terrible thing. Now that Terry Boers is retiring he will have a lot of time to think about the way he treated people on the radio.


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