Here’s The Proof Radio Needed Months Ago


Remember all those high hopes radio executives had for political advertising revenue that was supposed to come to radio but didn’t? Now look who’s turning to radio in the home stretch of this presidential election: Hillary Clinton. But it’s not by purchasing ads (although she is outspending Trump, according to Media Monitors), it’s by conducting free interviews with as many local radio hosts as possible. CNN Reports that Clinton’s aides view local radio interviews as “the best way to engage with her base, especially in states that have early voting.” One Clinton aide called local radio the most powerful way to get out the vote.

The all-news website reports that Clinton has turned to local radio in the final days of the campaign to help energize her base, where she’s hoping to avoid tough questions. She’s done eight local radio interviews in less than a week. And there are plenty more scheduled in the next 12 days. The interviews have mostly been in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio with African-American and Hispanic stations.

Clinton spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri tells CNN conducting the local radio interviews is about reaching voters in early states. “It is really important. It is all part of our get-out-the-vote effort. So we want to talk to local radio. It’s still the most powerful means of reaching people to push them to actually turn out to vote.”


  1. Is this, rather, more of a message that suggests: “Make the product/service part of the radio content and screw the expense of actual advertising. It’s cheaper, if not free!”
    Such interviews become infomercials – without an invoice.
    As to a useful, possibly impressive reach: So, what?


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