Why Is Vince Gambino One of Radio’s Best Sales Managers?


On Thursday, September 22 at The Radio Show in Nashville, Radio Ink magazine will be introducing the industry to radio’s most successful Sales Managers, General Managers, Digital Sellers, and Account Executives. Thanks to the Radio Advertising Bureau, we are able to recognize these industry greats every year with awards named in honor of Wayne Cornils, who worked for the RAB for many years and was one of radio’s greatest ambassadors.

The Radio Wayne Awards are the only industry awards that recognize those people who are in the trenches, responsible for bringing in the revenue for the industry they love, all over the country. Over the next month we will be recognizing finalists from all of our categories so you can learn just how they became the best at what they do and how they represent the industry. One of this year’s finalists is WIP Philadelphia Sales Manager Vince Gambino (pictured here).

Gambino was nominated for a 2016 Radio Ink Radio Wayne Award by one of his salespeople, who said, “The definition of being a successful manager in my opinion is a person who inspires their employees to perform at a high level out of respect. A manager who creates a culture in the office that makes everyone want to work harder and put in the extra effort by showing empathy and consideration for their staff. A successful manager is someone who leads by example, not by telling you how to do something, but showing you. Vince Gambino is all that and more. He has the ability to take a staff and grow them into superstar employees. He creates an atmosphere where everyone wants to achieve success. When you walk through the doors each and every morning, you don’t dread going to the office. You look forward to it.”

How many people in the radio industry would receive that kind of endorsement from one of their employees?

Vince Gambino has worked in radio for 33 years, 25 years with Clear Channel and iHeartmedia, four years with Greater Media, and four years with CBS Radio. Here is why he was chosen as a finalist for a 2016 Radio Wayne Award.

What attracted you to sales?
My love of dealing with people! I love solving problems, creating opportunities, helping people achieve their goals and grow to new heights. I love being out in the field and integrating myself as part of a client’s business.

What is the key to being a successful Sales Manager today?
Manage and lead by example! I go on as many appointments as possible every week. Being accessible to your salespeople. Knowing they can count on you. Being consistent; they should always know what to expect from you and how you will react in any given situation. Setting expectations and managing expectations always. Be creative and a solution finder. Overall being an asset. Always teaching and motivating them to be the very best they can be.

What are your challenges, and how do you overcome them?
My challenges are managing a large group of diversified salespeople, all with varying levels of experience. Each is motivated in a different way. I focus on managing to their individual strengths and helping them work better within their challenges. I learn to understand what is important to each and how I can best motivate them and grow to be the best they can be. It can be equally challenging working at a very mature radio station that is consistently a top biller. Budgets can be aggressive and many accounts are already spoken for. I try to keep as many happy as possible by finding new revenue streams through creative brainstorming, effective one-on-ones, and plain old-fashioned hard work, dedication, and resiliency.

Give us an example of a success story you’ve had with a seller or client over the past year.
When I joined the company I saw the potential in one of my salespeople in particular. She was not performing at an acceptable level and on her way out. I trained her to look at things a bit differently and do things another way. She has doubled her billing each year over the last three. She was recognized by the company as the Salesperson of the Year last year and has since been nominated and won our company’s monthly President’s Club award as well and is currently a top biller for the station.

I worked with a brand new client last year who has not used radio before. We put together a custom plan for success that addressed all their initiatives and goals. The client started with a $50k campaign last year, and we expanded it to other stations within the cluster as well as adding various sponsorships and endorsements. This client invested over $240k this current year with us.

Describe the perfect relationship between management and salespeople.
One of mutual respect built on trust, confidence, dependability, loyalty, and desire to succeed. An open relationship that addresses concerns when necessary and successes always. One built on positive motivation and never negative. The relationship first and foremost must always be honest.

How do you educate yourself so you are always on top of your game?
I push myself to continue to learn new directions in our business. I talk with other managers both within our market and out to learn different successful tactics. I read the trade magazines and keep up on the newest trends, but always keep in mind and preach the power of radio. In the end, the most powerful tools of growth are speaking with other successful people within our business, both experienced and newly successful.

Reach out to Vince to congratulate him for being a 2016 Radio Ink Radio Wayne finalist [email protected]

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  1. I was sad to hear of Vince’s departure from CBS Radio in Philadelphia. Vince has and always will be a great under-the-desk guy. He couldn’t hide forever. Congrats for lasting as long as you did. I’m sure you’ll land on your head somewhere else in the industry. You are one of the good guys.

  2. It is tough to manage through controversies. Vince has shown time and time again that he has the tunnel-vision that every great manager has. Put your head down, get under your desk and pray that management doesn’t come for you. Vince has always been a great under-the-desk guy. A true testament to radio managers everywhere. He deserves this honor. Congrats Vince.


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