7 Ways To Fix Your Podcast


In his latest blog, Amplifi Media CEO Steve Goldstein put together an outstanding how-to list for podcasters. Goldstein lays out seven specific items podcasters should focus on — or avoid — if they want to increase listener numbers and become a pro at podcasting.

Goldstein says there is significant attrition in the first seven minutes of a podcast and many listeners bail on long ones. His solutions include: Engaging listeners quickly, not wasting their time, make sure there is something in it for the listener, and, of course, be prepared. Read Steve’s entire blog HERE


  1. OOps! Text missing after Blogstein that read, “I will now timestamp a new word to replace the PODcast and that is AODcast for Audio On Demand /or AOD Show.

  2. Very helpful post over on the old Blogstein. (by Robin Solis 072116 1:55PMby Robin Solis 072116 1:55PM< ) It can be pronounced "odd". It beats the hell out of POD. And Apple will thank you for not "kleenexing" their trademark. In fact, I'll just time stamp that term right here right now. Not for any financial gain but I do like to see my good ideas flourish when I throw them out there. These are excellent, basic tips for making a good show. Then you'll need promotion or if you are lucky, WOM to get your show increased listenership…but look. The phenom, *Serial* has a lot of FREE advertising! And where? On the radio!…which I find hilarious.

    A show is hard work! When I was at my most prolific, I spent 5 hours per day reading current events and industry mags, etc., then writing an interesting info-filled promo and one regional and/or current humor bit for each hour of the 5 hour radio show. Everyday. AND THEN, I went back to work that evening to deliver the bits-always to hit the post-LIVE . So, no pity for you guys who get to retake lines and edit out stuff before putting it in the can once a week?! You have it easy.


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