Bouvard Pokes Holes In Music Biz Study


As we’ve been telling you over the past two days, a company that promotes online music produced a study that said Millennials were running away from radio into the arms of streamers. Cumulus/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard took a whack at that study and produced 21 slides that refute it. He used data from Nielsen, Edison Research, and the Advertising Research Foundation to create the slides.

The slides include the statement that Radio is America’s #1 reach medium, that more millennials listen to AM/FM radio each week than any other generation (67 million), that millennial listening is up 6% and the optimal media mix for advertisers is 71% traditional and 29% digital.





  1. I like the slide that touts the power of AM/FM for music discovery, but the chart says AM/FM/Satellite. It wasn’t that many years ago that my radio brethren would not even admit that Sirius and XM were “radio”. Of course, the listeners all thought it was radio. That said, there’s nobody in the radio industry I love more than Pierre Bouvard!

  2. The alternate argument could be that streaming biased results pro-streaming. Radio biased results pro-radio.

    The thing about numbers is they lie. Well, the numbers don’t lie, they would have been accurately recorded as submitted. The people INTERPRETING the numbers lie. Or more specifically, they go looking for what they want and interpret the data to tell them what they want to hear.

    • Hey El Barto. I think your comment is right on. But you missed your chance to tell Barry O, “If you love Pierre so much, why don’t you marry him?!”

  3. Seems like if Radio Ink had done a little research in the first place about these bogus claims that Radio Ink printed without question, it wouldn’t have looked so ill-informed on the music topic.

    • Here’s my problem. Six slides in on this, and I can’t believe a word of the rest of the slide show. It’s obviously written by someone who doesn’t comprehend basic math.

      Let’s look at slide 4. The TV and radio percentages add up to 57% – the headline … TWO THIRDS of millenials … 2/3 is 66.666666%. Let’s say 67% for the sake of rounding. That’s a 10 point error. TEN PERCENT ERROR!!!

      Slide 6 – TV reaches 73%. The line above the numbers, “Nearly 2 out of 5 .. not reached by .. TV.” 2 out of 5 is 40%. The “nearly” could allow you to fudge a couple of percent, sure. The ACTUAL number is it doesn’t reach 27% – or “about” 1 in 4. (Which, for those following along at home is 25% – way closer to 27%) Margin of error for this slide – “nearly” 13%. Even worse than the last one!

      And THIS is what we want to put out there to gain credibility for the industry?? Shameful.


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