Radio Still Dominates The Automobile


Based on the 18-plus population surveyed in the 2016 Infinite Dial survey, 84% continue to use AM/FM radio as their primary source for audio in the car. Surprisingly, the CD player is next at 56%, followed by an MP3 Player or the listeners’ own digital music at 38%. Online radio comes in next at 21%, followed by satellite radio at 19%. And when consumers are asked how often they use an audio source, AM/FM dwarfs online radio 54% to 8%.

audio sources most of the time


  1. Ouch.

    This report shows that am/fm completes only 8% higher than the other competitors.

    Sorry but there are bad holes all through this and the worse is the summary statement: Farrrr to fragmented.

  2. Please do not refer to digital streaming as Radio. It is not. AM-FM Broadcasting is Radio.
    Pandora is Digital Streaming, mainly over land lines as part of the process.
    Satellite digital audio is not Radio. The FCC designates it as Digital Audio (DAB)
    There are shills who are trying to grab on to the long Legacy of Radio.
    3M along time ago waged a campaign for people not to refer to Skotch Tape unless it was.
    Do not allow the imitators to steal radio’s heritage. Those of us in REAL RADIO know that we are still
    the CHAMPS.


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